Top 5 Easy Ways To Silent Your Inner Critic | Boast Your Confidence (2020)

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5 Easy Ways To Silent Your Inner Critic

Table Of Content :

  1. Meet your inner critic
  2. Turn your critic into your inner coach
  3. Make peace with your inner critic
  4. Remind yourself of how awesome you are
  5. Stop ruminating

Ways To Silent Your Inner Critic ? We have two different voices inside us: one that lifts up and one that weighs us down; One that is nurturing and one that is critical. Both of these voices have a role to play.

Our inner nurturer brings self-compassion and encouragement, while the inner critic helps you recognize where you have gone wrong and what you need to do to set things right. It’s often purpose is to keep you in the safe zone and protect you from any possible emotional injuries like judgment, rejection, blame or shame.

It is an internal resistance to change and unknown, and the main reason for you playing small and not daring to do for your dreams. And for most people, inner critic goes way overboard.

We ourselves get away with a surprising amount of negative self talk. Sometimes it is so often that it becomes background noise, but this kind of criticism can be seriously damaging to your self-confidence. It might have impact on your life by possibly making you:

  1. Doubt yourself and your abilities even through you know you are capable.
  2. Admire others for their achievements without being able to acknowledge your own skills
  3. Feel stressed and anxious while trying to achieve something important to you.
  4. Worry excessively
  5. Stay in an unhealthy relationship with someone
  6. Stay stuck in a job you don’t like even hate.

Here are few insightful tips of overcome and Ways To Silent Your Inner Critic :

Meet Your Inner Critic :

Here we don’t mean to feed them, but try to listen as objectively as possible to those negative voices. We can only change the mind we are aware of. Be mindful of your thoughts.  Take the time to actually listen to what you telling yourself and you will find that oftentimes, those criticisms are silly. Actually listening to your negative talk will reveal that most of your criticisms are undeserved and ridiculous. So rather than resisting it, take a few deep breaths and relax so that you can determine what’s really going on. You can use journals to reflect on what your inner critic says.

Turn Your Critic Into Your Coach :

Although some of the thoughts are unwanted and over judgmental, some of that criticism is toward real issues that need to be fixing. If there is certain part of your life that you know need improving, do something about it. There is nothing worse than that nagging voice in your head that nagging voice in your head that yet again you are late on your deadline. Set goals and track your progress. Even its baby steps, gradually improving yourself will replace negative thoughts with positive ones and ultimately turn your inner critic into inner coach.

Make Peace With Your Inner Critic :

Chose to make a peace with the critic. Imagine your critic as a person and you can say, thanks for sharing to protect me, and then move on, past that censoring voice, and get into your work.  There is a little point in trying to debate with the critic. It will always be there in saying, this is nonsense but in making peace with it, you can override it.

Remind Yourself that you are awesome

Sometimes the only way silence your inner critic is to drown it out with positive statements. As giving yourself a pep talk when you are really getting critical can do wonders. It’s not about to provoke or trying to inflate your ego, it is about being honest with yourself about what you do well. Sometimes all we need little reminder that we are capable people who can take on whatever life throws at us!

Each time you find yourself thinking a negative thought, respond with the more accurate statement.

Stop Ruminating :

When you make a mistake or you have had a bad, you may be tempted to re-play the event over and over in your head and repeatedly reminding yourself of that embarrassing thing you did, or that questionable thing you said, will only make you feel worse and it won’t solve the problem. When you find yourself ruminating or not actively solving problem then don’t waste time in telling yourself. “don’t think about that.”

The more you try to avoid thinking about something, the more things will repeat in your mind. Instead of this, distract yourself with an activity- like going for a walk, organizing your desk, or talking about a completely different subject. Stop the critical thoughts before they spiral out of your control.

Let’s imagine that you have a friend who is really critical. She makes you lose confidence. He points out your flaws and reminds you when you are not doing as well as others. If you had a friend like that, you would kick her to the curb, right? No needs that negatively in their life! So, if we would not accept this criticism from our friends, why do we accept it from ourselves? So take initial step to overcome your inner critic.

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Top 5 Easy Ways To Silent Your Inner Critic | Boast Your Confidence (2020)
Top 5 Easy Ways To Silent Your Inner Critic | Boast Your Confidence (2020)