What to do in Free Time? 11 Ways to Use Free Time in Productive Ways :

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What to do in Free Time? 11 Ways to Use Free Time in Productive Ways:

Leisure time is also important along with work. It is something that we do for fun and relax. People often spend their free time in front of T.V. or using phones.

Table Of Content : What to do in Free Time? 11 Ways to Use Free Time in Productive Ways –

  1. Read Bhagwat Gita
  2. Write an Article
  3. Use your Phone
  4. Listen Podcasts
  5. Learning Musical Instrument
  6. Play Sudoku & Chess
  7. Meditate for While
  8. Volunteering Teaching
  9. Watch Documentaries
  10. Having Physical Activity
  11. Gardening

Read Bhagwat Gita :

Reading Bhagwat Gita , it always gives you the right answer of your any questions. It explains the meaning of life, the purpose of life, the way how to life. It also teaches you art of developing many qualities such as vision, commitment, self control, logical thinking eliminating of fear & anxiety and many more.

Write an Article :

We sometimes feel like venting and speaking out our mind to share our ideas an opinion; writing can help us do that. Through writing, you can share article with society. There are several writing platforms like blogs that enable writers to voice their ideas, thoughts and feelings and share it with the society.

Use your Phone :

Here I don’t means a conversation over a phone call or using social media. Your phone can actually helps you immensely to improve your communication skills. Record your video as a mock conversation see if your body language matches you speech and listen how you sounds like do you pause or use much fillers like ummm or amm. Are you too fast or slow? How’s your pitch?

Listen Podcasts :

Podcasts are free audio program Distributed over the internet. you can download them and listen to them according to your interest. There are podcasts out there covering almost any topic such as news, English, debate, politics and many others that you can imagine and probably dozen of podcasts on the topic. And you can choose programs that match your interest.

Learning Musical Instrument :

Science has showed that musical training can change brain structure and functioning for the better. It also improves long-term memory and lead to better brain development. Music reduces stress and depression.

Play Sudoku & Chess :

Just like physical exercise, your mind needs some exercise too, playing Sudoku or chess actually exercise your brain extensively. Sudoku is one of the most popular number game that we can play daily. They not only improve your memory or stimulate your mind but also help you to learn to do things quickly and increase your concentration power which makes you feel happy. 

Meditate for While :

The popularity of meditation is increasing as more and more people are discovering its benefits. Meditation is a habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your conversation. If stress has you anxious, tense and worried, consider trying mediation can restore your calm and inner peace.

Volunteering Teaching :

Volunteering is one of the most satisfying human activities. Voluntary are not paid for the work that they do, volunteer teacher teaches on a spot where it is necessary and to those who can’t afford the classes or academies. You also get non-monetary benefits such as- gaining confidence, you make a difference and become a part of community, practice skills, and have fun.

Watch Documentaries :

In today’s online information world it is so easy to watch documentaries, they are much more interesting then reading and you will accumulate information much faster. Documentary films assist in understanding the current world. They are the great source of learning new things, you should also keep in mind that not everything you learn in a documentary is automatically true. Try your best to think critically with different view points about everything you learn, expose yourself

Having Physical Activity :

I need not to mention the benefits of doing physical activities as we all are aware of it. Some physical activities like walking, cycling, playing badminton help us to relax and give us energy and strength to do work well in nest time.

Gardening :

“growing something green, something real, something alive, is a hopeful thing we do

gardening is considered moderate-intensity exercise. The act of growing plants may also help boost your mood. It increases in quality of life and reduction in mood disturbance.


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What to do in Free Time? 11 Ways to Use Free Time in Productive Ways :