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Top 10 Question Asked In Every Interview to Crack your Job interview

Top 10 Question Asked In Every Interview . Here are Some of the most important Interview Question by interviewer , Along with the Best way to answer them:-

Top 10 Question Asked In Every Interview

Top 10 Question Asked In Every Interview that are asked during interview :

Tell Me About Yourself ?

I am really energetic, and a great communicator. My work experience in sales for 2 years helped me to build confidence and taught me the importance of customer loyalty.

I am punctual, dependable, can be counted upon to finish what I started.

and understand my costumer needs.

I consider myself hard-working/ reliable/dependable/ helpful/ outgoing/ organized/ honest/ cooperative.

Tip complete your detail in 1 or 2 lines do not describe much about your personal details as the interviewer already have in the form of resume. He might be interesting about the more information.

Why did you leave your previous job?

I have learnt a lot from my current role, but now I am looking for a new challenge where I can grow with a company and want to learn more things.

I am looking forward for better opportunity to grow in job wise and financial wise. That also suits my qualifications.

Tips Don’t mention any negative reason if any.

What are you currently doing?

I am seeking an opportunity through which can explore myself and can give my optimistic share in growth of the organization and working on my skills.

I am boosting up my knowledge and intelligence.

Tip Through this question the interviewer wants to know how you spend your spare time. So make him realize that you are an industrious kind of person and always spend your time in learning new things.

What are your strengths?

I am a tactful person, and was not so before but work experience taught me to do the things in a right way.

Have always been a great team player and good at keeping the team together and produce the quality work in a team environment.

I am ambitious person and like to run toward my goal, but I also learnt well from mistakes to do well the next time.

Tips The purpose of the question is pretty clear he wants to know that you have those skills which are needed for the position or not. So mention all the skills and qualities that are related to the job profile.

What are your weaknesses?

I believe that my strongest weakness is my contentment; I don’t feel satisfied unless I complete the task perfectly assignment to me.

My weakness is my attention to detail. I feel restless until I get to the bottom of the things.

Tips show your weakness in this way that again reflects your strength. Never show or mention your real weakness. Never use negative word. You words should reflect your positive attitude.  

Where do you yourself see in 3-5 years from now?

I believe in five years I see myself as a valued employee of a company. I want to be an expert at my position and start training to the others.

My goal is to become a lead in next five years. Although not everyone gets promoted to this level yet I believe I can achieve this goal through hard work.

Tips Show him how zealous and ambitious you are for your career and growth.

Why should we hire you?

I have the right combination of skills and experience that is needed for this position.

I am a rational person. and take the decision based on more practical & logical reasoning which is more beneficial for the company in getting the effective work.

Tip Tell him that you have all those skills that are needed for the job or position so that interviewer realized that you are the perfect for the position.

Why do you choose our company?

As we all know your company is progressing so well so I believe this is an exact platform from where I can start my career and can explore myself.

Tips You can mention some positive points of the company as about its share growth, SWOT, etc. You can also add the benefits of the positions so that interviewer feels that you have search a lot about a company and you are genuinely interested for this position.

What do you believe team work or working alone?

I enjoy both and can work in a team and can work alone as well, depend on task that needs to be done.

I can work independently but also, I enjoy collaborating with my colleagues.

Tips- Mention your preference but also mention that you are flexible for both.

Are you applying for the other company?

If Yes – yes I have applies for number of opportunities but personally I want to joint this company as I think this position is exactly fit for my skills.

If no- this is the first job that caught my eye as I am willing to grab the opportunity in your company but if the result will be negative then of course I will apply for the other one.

Tips – some time people over react on this question just to give the impression. Be genuine for this question say whatever the truth is. But at last don’t forget to tell that this job is priority   Friends don’t mug up any question try to make your own answers. It doesn’t look professional. Interviewer wants to know about real you. Just keep some points and way in your mind and give your factual answer. And always gather all the details and knowledge about the company and position it will help you indeed.

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Top 10 Question 100% Asked in Every Interview | Crack Any Job interview
Top 10 Question Asked In Every Interview