How To Crack Interview (2020) | Skills That You Need To Crack Interview

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Don’t let your mistakes weigh you down. Place and use them as stepping stone and build your Skills that you need to crack interview.

Getting a dream job is one the biggest event in every one’s life. But it is a milestone which is not easy to achieve due to cut throat competition in today’s time. You must need some Skills that you need to crack interview and succeed in your interview and catch recruiters’ attention.

In the current era those are pre prepared have higher chances of getting hired. In this blog look at the some important interview skills that you must need to ace any interview and get the job.

Table of Content : Skills that you need to crack interview |How to crack interview (2020)
  1. Communication Skills
  2. Problem solving skills
  3. Teamwork Skills
  4. Leadership skills
  5. Learning skills


interview is not only to judge you but also the ability of communicating.

Good communication means speaking fluently without hesitating in any language.  This is not important to be in English only. Speaking in English is another skill.

Whether you are speaking or listening, looking into the eye of the person with whom you are conversing can make the interaction more successful.

Make your full body talk. Use body language and gestures. Make your words, gesture, facial expression and tone match.

“Good Communication Does Not Mean fluent in English Language”

The attitude you bring to communicate will have a huge impact on the way you compose yourself and interact with others.

Not only should one be able to speak effectively, one should must listen to the other’s words and engage in communication.  Few tips to make communication more effectively

  • Speak clearly and don’t mumble
  • Improve your vocabulary and pronounce your word correctly
  • Develop your voice
  • Use the right words only.
  • Get feedback and ask question from your receiver.


Problem solving skills it’s one of the most highly valued characteristics you must have. It’s is all about using logic, as well as imagination, to make sense of a situation and come up with an intelligent solution..

There are some areas that can be considered part of problem – solving

  • Always look for opportunity to make a difference.
  • Have creativity to go beyond traditional approaches.
  • Always adapt new & difficult situation
  •  You can use your logic and critical thinking to analyze a situation
  • You are determined so don’t give up easily.
  • Your focus is on the desired result.

Here are some tips on How to develop problem solving skills

  • Dealing out with daily life situations will help you gain problem solving skills, perhaps without even realizing it. Such as sorting out technical problem with your device, resolving dispute with tricky people, carrying out DIY, finding a way round a funding in order to pay for travel and many other
  • Gaming such as Sudoku, chess can also strength your ability to think creatively.
  • Increase the membership of a struggling student society
  • Become a course rep or as a mentor for other students.
  • There are different tests that you can go through to gauge your problem solving skills include- online aptitude, psychometric and ability tests & case study.


Nobody like to hire people who will latterly face difficulty working with team. They want to hire someone who is willing to collaborate with their peers to make something good into something great.

If you have good people skills you’ll make a good team player, and skills like communication and having positive attitude. This will give you more chance to move forward

Few ways to develop teamwork skills –

  • Joining local groups such as conservation, politics, special intrest and team sports.
  • Find opportunity to work and contribute in group. It ia a great way to build your teamwork skill
  • Work on your communication, planning, problem solving and negotiating skills and your teamwork skill will improve too.
  • Show your positive attitude instead of seeing the negative side. support the other team members when they are struggling.


Good leadership skill is an amalgamation of a number of qualities such as planning & organizing skills, strategic thinking skills entrepreneur skills, management skills. It is often said that leaders are born, but one can definitely develop leadership skills over time.

To become a successful leader you need to follow some points –

  • Need to improve communication skills
  • Develop a situational awareness inside you.
  • Maintain positive attitude
  • Have a clear vision
  • Understand your strengths and use them to find higher purpose
  • Set  definitive goal and execute them
  • Follow concrete action planes
  • Developing discipline in your professional & personal life is a must to be an effective leader. And to motivate others to be disciplined as well.
  • Have moral and values and admit when you fail & move on.
  • Be passionate


possessing an attitude that allow you constantly learn new skill can win half of the battle for you. Your learning should not end with completing of your collage nor restricted to what was taught there. Seek what new thing you can learn within your area of interest and the job profile you want to get into.

Follow some of the points of enhance your learning skills –

  • Take up the individual projects
  • Do online courses and internship
  • Adopt other work experience to further widen your horizon.

The chance of getting job will increase if you are able to demonstrate above mentioned skills in your interview.

BONUS TIP :- “Develop skills of hiding your feelings like Excitement, Anxiety, Anger our Sad felling”

Although we have covered almost all the qualities in above mentioned skills but still it is important to mention some of the qualities that are needed to address separately. Such as HONESTY, POSITIVE ATTITUDE, FLEXIBILITY, GOAL-ORIENTED, PUNCTUALITY, INTEGRITY, CONFIDENCES

These skills and qualities can’t come over night, but yes for this you will have to adopt these skills and qualities in your life style.

ALL the best

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