How to Become Air hostess In (2020) | Job Profile of Cabin Crew |

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Job Profile of Cabin Crew
Job Profile of Cabin Crew

Job Profile of Cabin Crew Aviation is a booming industry and cabin crew (air hostess) is one of the great opportunities in this industry. But many people have misconception that air hostess is just a standard waitress which is not true. Actually Air hostess do much more than just serving tea and coffee.

Here I want to clear this illusion and share with you what is the actual duties and responsibilities of an air hostess.

The job profile of an air hostess is mainly divided into three parts-

  1. Costumer service
  2. Comfort
  3. Safety and security

Let’s start with about costumer service – Air hostesses are expected to provide exceptional customer service during flights. Make their costumer feel special, important and welcome with their beautiful smile especially at the time of a boarding. They are the face of their company. They present their company in very well mannered way. 

Coming to the next point comfort- Air hostess or a flight attendant ensure the comfort for everyone weather it is getting a booster seats for toddlers or escorting elderly passengers . Apart from this they have the responsibility of checking the cleanliness before boarding the next flight. And they also handle the misbehaving of the costumer and kinda weird situation.

Continuing this chain come on the most important part that is safety and security- Air hostess are responsible for thousands of lives. They perform many responsibilities such as checking the overbid head should be locked properly. Passengers should sit properly and fastened their seat-belts at the time of the take off of the flight. They are being responsible for demonstrating safety instructions to the passengers.

In the other part of safety and security Flight attendants are trained to deal with a wide variety of emergencies and trained in first aid situations like motion sickness, nose bleeding, illness, small injuries, on board death and birth,  intoxicated passengers and anxiety stricken passenger. Not only this flight attendant are also being prepared with the hidden talent such as rejected takeoff, emergency landing, smoke in cabin, spills in the cabin, emergency evacuations, hijacking and water landing.

Skills which are required for the air hostess

An air hostess does not require any 4-5 skills or qualities. They are combination of sets of skills and qualities

  • hospitality
  • Communication and interpersonal skill 
  • Team management skills
  • Charismatic attitude
  • Upbeat
  • Rational
  • Self disciplined
  • Tactful
  • Proficiency in language( especially in mother tongue and English)
  • Good physique and pleasant personality
  •  Responsible

Eligibility criteria for air hostess

Fringe Benefits of becoming air hostess

  • High paid salary without much qualification – it is not compulsory in air hostess to do graduation in hospitality only. Even 10+2 can also apply. Only you need is good personality.
  • You get much time– during the job you get time so that you can pursue your study as well.
  • Get a luxury environment–   Airline companies always provide the 5 star facilities to their staff. This is the job which gives you luxury environment.
  • Life style becomes fancy– after becoming the air hostess your life become more fancy and glamorous.
  • Boost up your confident during this job you deal with types of personalities. This boost up a different kind of confidence inside you. And you start thinking rational.
  • Get concession on flight tickets– in addition to 5 star services airline companies also provide free or with concession air tickets.
  • Learn new and different skills – A lots skills develop inside you during the training period specially.  Self defense, basic medical, grooming and many more others as we have discussed above.
  • Lots of travels – one of my favorite perk during this job we get a chance to have a taste of different places. And even happiness is we are getting paid for the travel.

So friends I wish now you have changed your mind set about the job profile of an air hostess or flight attendant. Becoming air hostess is not an easy it required specific set of skills so that the passengers receive the best during the flight time…!

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How to Become Air hostess In (2020) | Job Profile of Cabin Crew |
Job Profile of Cabin Crew