36 Ways to Build & Increase your Business | Just a Minute

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36 – Ways to Build & Increase your Business | Just a Minute

Focus what wrong are you doing in your Business and have J curve in your Business. Build & Increase your Business

  • Build your Product & Service that customer need.
  • Hiring the right employers.
  •  Make a complete focus.
  • Complete your Legal issues.
  • Win to execute in Sales & Marketing.
  • Good Location.
  • Always Updated.
  • Having Right Partners & Co-founder.
  • Don’t burn your cash.
  • Able to Execute a Pivot & learn from your failures..
  • Don’t Raise too much Money & Funds.
  • Make a plan.
  • Chase you Customer not Investor
  • Don’t Fail in Leadership & Strategic
  • Right Partners & Alliances  (Vendors, Contractors ,Investors, Partners , Alliances)
  • Build Your Differentiation
  • Make proper Business Model
  • Build Revenue Model
  • Don’t over expand your Business. (Expansion without Right margin is committing Suicide)
  •  Don’t have BAD DEBTS.
  • Have focus on Macro-Economic Factors (Earthquake ,Corona virus)
  • Fast Execution.
  • Right Target & Positioning.
  • Have a mature scaling. (Pilot, Experimentation & Validation. Scalability & Expansion)
  • Always attention customer feedback
  • Always have Profit & Cash.
  • Right time to Market.
  • Adequate Inventory Management. (Don’t have Unnecessary Inventory)
  • Have a Passion in your Business
  • Scaling with Technology
  • Don’t use Business Funds for Personal Use.
  • Have Succession Planning.
  • Identify Opportunity Gap.
  • Good Product Experience.
  • Train your team members
  • LTVC (Long Term Value of Customers)

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36 Ways to Build & Increase your Business | Just a Minute
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